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Color Wheels and Mixing Charts

350301 – Color Wheels

Color Wheels

The prime colors are located on the front interior wheel. When you then select a color on the exterior edge of the table, the mixed color result is shown in the window. The rear side of the wheel displays a color harmony diagram.

Color Wheel small, ca. 13 cm diameter
CREATEX Item no. 350 301

Color Wheel large, ca. 23 cm diameter
CREATEX Item no. 350 302

350303 – Magic Palette Color Matching Guide

Magic Palette Color Matching Guide

This compact “COLOR FAN” illustrates 36 Popular artist’s tube pigment colors on individual cards.
Each color card identifies one tube color in 5 tints and shades including the pigment in it’s pure form. Tints (mixed with white) and Shades (mixed with black) are also indicated.
The cards have “viewing windows” so they can be used to identify and match colors and to preview hundreds of new color combinations.
The cards are numbered and are easily removed and returned to a holding ring.

CREATEX Item no. 350 303

350308 – Primary Mixing Wheel

Primary Mixing Wheel

The CMY Primary Mixing Wheel shows you how you can mix the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow to get the secondary and tertiary colors. In addition, it  illustrates  the effect of changes to the color intensity, i.e.  via nuances in the 12 primary, secondary and tertiary  colors.

CREATEX Item no. 350 309

CMY Primary Mixing Wheel w/o Workbook
CREATEX Item no. 350 308