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Revolutionary: True Candy Dyes water soluble - Candy2-O

15 Ultra Brilliant Candy Dyes

Crystal clear, advanced water-soluble, urethane technology

Perfect for Custom Painting and Airbrushing

... now available at your local dealer!

Find the color shapes at AutoAir Colors - Series 4600 Candy2-O


Need more quick information? Watch Simon Murray presenting candy2-O!

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The AutoBorne Sealer


-12 different colors

- primer and color-keyed mid-coat in one product

- excellent durability and tenacious adhesion

- easy to sand

- available in 8oz., 16oz., 32oz. and 1 Gallon sizes


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50th Anniversary IWATA HP-C Limited Edition available!



To the 50th birthday of the old HP-C IWATA brings a new Limited Edition on the market: 1000 exemplars of the original HP-C have been produced, the model which started IWATAs story of success. Only 250 of them are made for the european marked. The ones who want to own one of this limited airbrushes should hurry!


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The new Createx Illustration Bloodline Series


As from now Tim Gores Createx Illustration Bloodline is available! The Createx Illustration Bloodline is an expansion of the Createx Illustration Colors designed by Tim Gore (make-up artist of movies like Juressic Park 2, Van Helsing etc). The colors have the same features like the Createx Illustration Colors. With these colors monsters, humanoids and other creatures can be illustrated realistic.


There is another expansion: As from now all Createx Illustration Colors including the  Illustration Bloodline and all their sets are available in 30ml bottles too.

High Performance Reducer W500/4012: The next generation reducer!


- Enhanced flow and tip-dry virtually eliminated when airbrushing


- Less surface tension allows for heavier coats without crater defects


- Colors air dry to a cured film with improved film propertiers which is flat and level

Oil-less reciprocating compressors from Werther

Below you find a list of the new compressors


900136 Werther TC108 Special

900137 Werther TC 108 Double Special

900521 Werther Black Mamba

900531 Werther Baby Mamba

900501 Werther Black Widow

900511 Werther Baby Widow


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Artist Pictures Wanted!

Have you airbrushed some incredible artworks with our paints? Would you like to put them on display? We would like to create a small gallery with pictures and objects in which our Createx Illustration Colors, Createx Airbrush Colors, Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors have been made use of. Just send us a photo of your favorite paintings per E-mail and with a bit of luck, they'll be published at our site. For more information, please click here.