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Welcome to the CREATEX Handels-GmbH. Airbrush is our Passion – since 1993! We are one of the leading European importers and wholesalers for high-quality Airbrush Products of well-known Brands. We only supply specialized dealers. A dealer near you please find here.

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candy₂O Pearl Colors

with Chris Arpin EN

Take a look over Chris Arpin’s shoulder how to achieve amazing effects with candy₂O and the 4300 Pearlescent Colors of the Aut Air Colors range. Starting with the correct priming, to possibilities of mixing with the 4030 Mix Additive, to amazing candy/pearl effects, every step is well explained and demonstrated on different surfaces

AutoBorne Sealer

with Steve Vandemon EN

Learn the basics to successfully spraying Createx Colors’ AutoBorne Sealers with Vandemon.
This video covers spray-gun set-up, paint reduction and demonstrates how each coat builds to an even, uniform ground-coat to start from.

Thinners Overview

with Craig Fraser EN

Craig Fraser discusses the 3 different Createx thinners used to dilute all Createx Colors paints: 4011, 4012 and 4020.

Scenix SSR Clear

with Simon Murray EN

Simon Murray shows how to get the most out of the new SCENIX clear coats!

How-To Reduce candy2o – Pearl Colors

with Craig Fraser EN

Craig Fraser shows how to make and reduce candy base-coat colors with candy2o, Auto Air 4300 Series Pearlescent & Metallic Colors and 4012 high Performance Reducer & 4030 Balancing Clear.

Scenix Mural & Theme Paint

with Craig Fraser EN

Craig Fraser shows how-to activate and reduce Scenix Mural & Theme Paint.

Scenix & SSR Clear

with Steve Vandeman EN

Steve Vandeman shows how to spray Scenix Fluorescent Mural & Theme Paint and top-coating with Scenix SSR Satin Clear. The finished panel is displayed under UV Black-light at the end of the video.

4104 Quicksilver & 4105 Gold Plating

with Steve Vandeman EN

Steve Vandeman shows how-to spray 4104 Quicksilver and 4105 Gold Plating over both a gloss white and gloss black base.

Wicked Colors Flesh Tones

with Steve Driscoll EN

Steve Driscoll stops by to teach about the Createx Wicked Colors. He explains the use of his Flesh Tone set and how to utilize and manipulate the colors to achieve flawless skin tones.