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Books & Magazines

300270 – Rust & Chipping

Rust & Chipping

Various Authors
100 Pages, Language: English

A new publication by Acrylicos Vallejo, showing the modeler an approach to the painting and aging processes on all types of vehicles in a state of wear, abandonment and destruction, as interpreted by the modelers Scratchmod Rob, Mike Rinaldi, Virgil Suarez, John Tolcher, Adam Wilder and Chema Cabrero. The book Includes step by step instructions by each author, with a foreword by Mike Rinaldi.

CREATEX Item no. 300 270

300271 – Civil Vehicles

Civil Vehicles

Author: Eugene Tur
118 Pages, Language: English

Civilian trucks and other civilian equipment have a much longer lifetime than military equipment, and are therefore much more subject to the influence of the natural effects of dust, dirt, and of course rust. In this book Eugene Tur shows the complete step by step weathering of 7 vehicles.

CREATEX Item no. 300 271

300272 – Erste Hilfe Airbrush

Erste Hilfe Airbrush
“First Aid Airbrush”

Author: Mathias Faber
160 Pages, Language: German

What to do, if…? – This is what this book provides information on and gives you the needed certainty in trouble-shooting. Therefore large and little catastrophes while doing airbrush are described and save solution approaches are shown. Knowing sources of error will help you to solve a problem in a twinkle so you can assure your airbrush equipment is ready at any time.

CREATEX Item no. 300 272

300274 – Airbrush-Torten Dekorieren mit der Spritzpistole

Airbrush-Torten Dekorieren mit der Spritzpistole
“Airbrush Cake Decoration”

Author: Cassie Brown
100 Pages, incl. Stencil templates, Language: German

Sugarcraft specialist Cassie Brown shows you how to use your airbrush to decorate showstopping cakes. Containing full instructions on the tools, materials and techniques you need to produce your own sumptuous works of cake craft, you will be inspired by the range of results you can use any airbrush to achieve.

Instructions for ten cakes, suitable for all skill levels, are illustrated by clear step-by-step pictures showing just how Cassie achieves her results. From fun space cakes for children’s parties to a breathtaking wedding cake decorated with delicate sugarcraft flowers, this book will unlock your baking and decorating potential.


CREATEX Item no. 300 274

300275 – Airbrushing and Weathering Techniques

Airbrushing and Weathering Techniques

Author: Rob Fereira
204 Pages, Language: English

Times have changed in the hobby of model building and painting and more and more modelers are starting out using only water based acrylics. This book covers the uses of acrylic colors, with the focus mainly on Acrylicos Vallejo who were the pioneers in this field, intention is to share the experience in using acrylics with all model painters, whether they are just starting out or switching over from solvent based paints. The result of nearly twenty years working with Vallejo acrylic colors and auxiliary products and is meant to be used as a guide and reference.

CREATEX Item no. 300 275

300276 – Custom Painting

Custom Painting

Author: Roger Hassler
100 Pages, Language: German

Das „Custom Painting Übungsbuch für Einsteiger“ richtet sich an Airbrush-Anfänger, die die Grundlagen der Maltechnik bereits beherrschen und nunmehr die ersten Schritte in die Welt der Fahrzeug- und Helmbemalung, des sogenannten „Custom Paintings“, wagen möchten.

Der Theorie-Teil vermittelt dazu viele Tipps und Wissenswertes über die speziellen Anforderungen von Untergrund und Materialien sowie über klassische Motive und Techniken wie Flammen und Pinstriping.

Im Praxis-Teil zeigen ausgewählte Künstler/innen in 11 Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen ihre verschiedenen Custom Painting Arbeitsweisen u.a. auf Motorhauben, Helmen und Motorradtanks.

CREATEX Item no. 300 276

300277 – Airbrush Training

Airbrush Training

Author: Roger Hassler
68 Pages, Language: German

From the first line exercises to complex Illustration: „Airbrush Training“ offers a carefully selected collection of step-by-step instructions which will help the airbrush beginner in the systematic development of knowledge and experience in working with the airbrush. In increasing degree of difficulty each design offers new challenges, advanced techniques and tricks.

CREATEX Item no. 300 277

300279 – Luft und Pinsel – Mischtechnik Airbrush und Acryl

Luft und Pinsel – Mischtechnik Airbrush und Acryl
“Air and Brush – Mixing Technique Airbrush w/ Acrylics”

Author: Georg Huber
152 Pages, Language: German

Die Kombination des lebendigen Pinselstrichs der Acrylmalerei mit den zaten Farbverläufen aus der Airbrushpistole eröffnet viele gestalterische Möglchkeiten und stellt gleichzeitig eine reizvolle Herausforderung an den Künstler dar. Georg Huber zeigt in diesem Buch, wie sich die starren Grenzen zwischen diesen beiden Maltechniken auflösen und sich ihre jeweiligen Vorzüge optimal für das künstlerische Werk nutzen lassen.

CREATEX Item no. 300 279

300323 – Airbrush Grundwissen

Airbrush Grundwissen
“Airbrush Basics”

Author: Roland Kuck
156 Pages, incl. DVD (120 min.), Language: German

Introduction to airbrush techniques and methods for beginners and advanced airbrushers, professional tips and step-by-step instructions.

CREATEX Item no. 300 323

300326 – Fingernagel-Design & Tattoos mit Airbrush

Fingernagel-Design & Tattoos mit Airbrush
“Fingernail Design & Tattoos with Airbrush”

Author: Peter Tronser
32 Pages, Language: German

Machen Sie sich und andere zum Partylöwen. Der neue Körper-Kult, mit Airbrush Nägel und Haut effektvoll und wieder entfernbar zu stylen, ist am kommen. Die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen und viele farbige Beispiele zeigen Ihnen umfassend, wie es geht.

CREATEX Item no. 300 326