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Welcome to the CREATEX Handels-GmbH. Airbrush is our Passion – since 1993! We are one of the leading European importers and wholesalers for high-quality Airbrush Products of well-known Brands. We only supply specialized dealers. A dealer near you please find here.

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Application Guides

For optimal Product Properties, please store colors and mediums cool and dry at temperatures between +45° to +80° F (+5° und +27° C).
The minimum durability of mediums/additives, unopened and stored well, is 2 years.
Fill levels may differ for technical reasons. Slight color deviations may occur between lots.

General Application:

Illustration Colors How-To Reduce
Application Guide for Hard Surfaces and Automotive
Application Guide for Textiles, Fabric and Leather

Technical Data Sheets:

4008 Restorer
4011 Reducer
4013 Reducer
4020 Reducer
4030 Balancing Clear
4040 Bleed Checker
5618 Airbrush Cleaner
Transparent Base 5601, 4004, 5090, 6000
Createx Clear Coats 5620, 5621, 5622
Auto-Air Colors
AutoBorne Sealer
Createx Airbrush Colors
Illustration Colors
Scenix Mural & Theme Paint
Scenix Fluorescent
UVLS Clears
Wicked Colors

By the way: For airbrushes & sprayguns it is absolutely normal for the coating inside the paint cup to discolor after a certain period of use (visible micro-cracks, partial fading).
The reason for this is the coating process, a bright chrome plating over nickel.
For technical reasons, the inner areas of the cathode (the workpiece to be chrome-plated) cannot absorb quite as much chromium (approx. 0.2 µm) than the outer areas (approx. 0.4 µm) during electroplating.
This can be seen not only in the interior of a paint cup, but also, for example, in the interior of a nozzle cap, a needle cap or an end piece.
However, this has no effect on the functionality of the airbrush, resp. spraygun.