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Thanks to their backlight, you can easily transfer contours and pictures onto an overlying sheet of paper or thin stencil foil, to craft precise sketches.

400212 – LightPad PRO

LightPad PRO

The LightPad PRO series by Artograph brings together all the dream features of the ultimate arts and crafts light box in a sleek and innovative shape.

With variable brightness up to a blazing 11,000 lux, strong enough to shine through 300# paper and fabric, the LightPad® PRO adds a color temperature adjustment to bring projects into their natural color from a warm to cool white. Changing color temp highlights different tonal qualities in your artwork.
Designed for easy use with a T-square, the LightPad® PRO features a tempered glass cutting surface.
The UV-free light is safe for the eyes, and no-fade safe for archival photos and documents.
Capacitive touch controls save settings from use to use. Long-life LEDs never need to be changed.
The comfortably curved edge is ergonomically friendly, while the smooth bottom makes the LightPad PRO a pleasure to use on your lap or worktable.


LightPad PRO 1700
Template glass: ca. 44.5 x 44.5 cm
CREATEX Item no. 400 217

400901 – LED LightTracer

LED LightTracer

The LED LightTracer and LED LightTracer2 now shine with dazzlingly bright LEDs. With maintenance-free gradient illumination from 5000 to 14,000 lux across the slanted surface, these new LightTracers are the brightest light boxes available.
Thanks to the impressive illumination of 5.000 to 14.000 templates can be traced absolutely exact and true to original.

LED LightTracer
Template glass: ca. 25 x 30 cm (ca. DIN A4)
CREATEX Item no. 400 901

LED LightTracer 2
Template glass: ca. 30 x 45 cm (ca. DIN A3)
CREATEX Item no. 400 906

For further information please check the manual.

400905 – LightTracer II

LightTracer II

The light box is all-purpose for arts and hobby. You can easily transfer sketches for lettering, stencils, glass painting, etc.

LightTracer II
Template glass: ca. 45 x 30 cm (ca. DIN A3)
CREATEX Item no. 400 905

Fluorescent tube for LightTracer II
CREATEX Item no. 400 110

For further information please check the manual.

400933 – LightPad LX

LightPad LX (adjustable brightness)

The new LightPad LX series light box keeps the same aluminum frame construction, with the cool, bright, evenly illuminated surface you’ve come to expect. Now made in the USA, the new LightPad LX adds adjustable brightness so you can dim or brighten the maintenance-free LED lights to suit your project.

LightPad #A930 LX
Template glass: ca. 22.9 x 30.5 cm
CREATEX Item no. 400 933

LightPad #A940 LX
Template glass: ca. 30.5 x 43.2 cm
CREATEX Item no. 400 943

LightPad #950 LX
Template glass: ca. 43.2 x 61 cm
CREATEX Item no. 400 953