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Welcome to the CREATEX Handels-GmbH. Airbrush is our Passion – since 1993! We are one of the leading European importers and wholesalers for high-quality Airbrush Products of well-known Brands. We only supply specialized dealers. A dealer near you please find here.

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AutoBorne Sealer Colors

Available in: 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz. & 1 gal

AutoBorne Sealers are the recommended foundation for any Createx Colors automotive or hard-surface paintjob.  Color-key with color-coat for improved overall coverage and drying times.

  • Incredible adhesion to any substrate to any surface including plastics.  No adhesion promoter is ever required.
  • Covers excellent in 2 medium coats.
  • Dries fast to a level, hard finish over which colors flow for a smooth finish.
  • Waterproof after curing, perfect for exterior applications.
  • Does not have to be scuffed prior to applying Createx Colors paints.
  • Reduce 10% per volume 4012 High Performance Reducer
  • Apply with a 1.3 – 1.4 tip-size gun.
  • Allow Sealer to dry matte before re-coating.
  • If used as finish color, clean Sealer thoroughly with degreaser prior to clear or apply 4004 Transparent Base as protective coat to prevent reaction between  clear and Sealer.

6000 Sealer Transparent

6001 Sealer White

6002 Sealer Black

6003 Sealer Grey

6004 Sealer Yellow

6005 Sealer Orange

6006 Sealer Red

6007 Sealer Lilac

6008 Blue (GS)

6009 Sealer Process Blue

6010 Sealer Green

6011 Sealer Tan

6012 Sealer Burgundy

6013 Sealer Silver