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Welcome to the CREATEX Handels-GmbH. Airbrush is our Passion – since 1993! We are one of the leading European importers and wholesalers for high-quality Airbrush Products of well-known Brands. We only supply specialized dealers. A dealer near you please find here.

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300690 – CREATEX Battery-operated Eraser

CREATEX Battery-operated Eraser

A handy eraser device operated with batteries that comes with 5 erasing insets. Batteries are not included. (2x 1.5v type AAA batteries are required)

CREATEX Item no. 300 690

Eraser insets, soft 30 pcs.
CREATEX Item no. 300 695

300691 – Battery-operated Eraser Model NE60

Battery-operated Eraser Model NE60

A high performance eraser device operated with batteries, comes with 10 eraser insets and 4 plastic tubes that can be installed around different small drill-tools, grind-tools and engraving-tools. Batteries are not included (2x 1.5v type AAA are required)

CREATEX Item no. 300 691

Eraser insets, soft 10 pcs.
CREATEX Item no. 300 692
Eraser insets, hard 10 pcs.
CREATEX Item no. 300 693